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About Us….

Casting defects in the form of shrink porosity or hydrogen porosity is a major problem for not only the aluminum foundry that produces the castings but also for their customers who purchase the parts. Unfortunately, with many foundries closing or moving off-shore, the technical base required to provide aluminum casting support to the U.S. aluminum foundry industry has been decimated making it difficult for Aluminum Foundries to find much needed technical support. Brad Hohenstein, founder of Porosity Solutions, recognized the void that needed to be filled (Pun intended).

With 30 years of experience in the field, Brad recently retired from his position of Technical Director of a foundry group which supply’s high strength precision castings to the automotive industry. In his role with the company, Brad headed the Metallurgical and Engineering Operations of 3 foundry locations. However, after retirement he just couldn’t completely step away from the industry. Utilizing his network of “retired” foundry experts, all sharing the same love of the business, Brad created the Porosity Solutions group to provide aluminum casting consulting and  and melt quality solutions to the U.S. foundry industry and its customers. While melt quality and hydrogen porosity control are areas of expertise, this highly capable team has the knowledge and experience to analyze and provide solutions to most Aluminum Casting Defects.

Be sure to check out Porosity Solutions 2-day Aluminum Casting and Metallurgy course. This course provides critical knowledge to anyone producing or purchasing aluminum castings.

Sign-up for our free Aluminum Foundry Handbook of Casting Defects.  Porosity Solutions provides our casting defect handbook free of charge to all U.S. aluminum foundries. International foundries may purchase the handbook for a small charge.






Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Porosity Solutuons?

Finding a solution to your aluminum casting problem has never been easier. Just provide us the details of your issues, our team will review and present you the best option for addressing your problem. Many times, this can be done via phone or on-line conference. Our years of operating successful aluminum foundries means we have likely experienced the issue that you are experiencing now. Let us put our knowledge to work for you!

What types of metal do we specialize in?

Our primary expertise is in aluminum castings. We have experience in greensand, drysand, permanent mold, and plaster casting processes for automotive, aerospace, and general manufacturing industries.

Do we build custom testing equipment?

Yes, we initially started with Reduced Pressure Testing and Analysisi equipment to support our consulting activities. Recently we added Fluorescent Pentetrant equipment (FPI) for the same reason, to support our consulting activities. It is important for you to know that if we build the equipment, we use the equipment. For this reason, you will find that Porosity Solutions equipment is robust, operator friendly, and cost efficient. Check out what we have to offer.

What is the cost of hiring a Porosity Solutions consultant?

Our rate is 150 dollars per hour with a minimum charge of 250 dollars. However, with our easy consulting system, our team will review your issue up-front and let you know what we think it will take to solve your problem. If it is something we can address via conference call, it is possible to provide you with solutions for the minimum 250 charge. If a site visit is requested or required, we will provide you with an estimate of the time and cost.

Does Porosity Solution Provide Aluminum Foundry Training?

Yes, we provide both off-site and on-site aluminum casting courses and training. We offer casting courses at the Foundry Way Learning Center in Milford, Ohio. Our most popular classes are Defect Understanding and Analysis – Aluminum Castings and Introduction to Aluminum Casting and Metallurgy. We also provide on-site courses and training.

Who is teaching our classes and why should I attend

Our classes are taught by folks who have years of experience in aluminum casting experience. Real life knowledge and experience is what makes our instructors the best there are.