FPI 3200 Penetrant Line

FPI 3200 Penetrant Line


Durable and loaded with features to reduce operator dependency, our stock FPI inspection line is ASTM compliant and designed for the foundry or manufacturing floor. This penetrant inspection system is sized to fit the product of many operations yet versatile enough to handle anything from in-process sampling to full production runs. Whether you perform fluorescent penetrant inspection in a lab environment or on the foundry or manufacturing floor, the FPI3200 liquid penetrant inspection line will get the job done.


FPI 3200 Penatrant Line

Details 3200 Penetrant Line

  • Overall Length 97.5” – Depth 36”
  • SS Penetrant Tank 32W x 16D x 16H with SS Lid
  • SS Agitator Tank 32W x 16D x 16H
  • SS Finish Rinse Tank 32W x 16D x 16H
  • 31. 5 x 15.5 x 6 SS Basket w Handles
  •  SS Drain/Dwell Station
  • Heavy duty final rinse hose and nozzle
  • 36” x 21” Drying Chamber with SS Drain Pan
  • Penetrant Dwell Timer and Cycle Complete Light (pre-set for 10 minutes)
  • Agitator Tank Timer (pre-set for 30 sec)
  • Agitator Tank Digital Temperature display
  • Electric Drain Open/Close switches for Agitator and Finish Rinse Tank
  • Digital Temperature control of Drying Chamber
  • Dry Cycle Start button and Cycle Complete light (preset for 5 minutes)
  • Heavy duty steel frame and outer panels
  • Heavy duty urethane lockable wheels
  • 220V Power required
  • 2″ drain line
  • Hot and cold water line inlet
  • Cost – $11,900


Additional Options

  • Integrated SS 20” x 36” Auto Dust Cloud Developer Station.
    • Includes Cycle Start Button and Cycle Complete Light (note – adds 22 inches to the overall length)
  • SS dwell station expansion.
    • Allows for 2 additional 31.5” x 15.5” SS baskets (3 total) to dwell at once thus increasing the production output. Note adds 32.5” to length of unit.
  • Additional 15.5” x 31.5” SS baskets
  • Additional SS Tank lids


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In addition to our stock FPI line, we offer a high quality UV inspection booth and a versatile High Intensity LED UV inspection lamp which can be used in a hand-held or fixed position. If you require an FPI line other than our stock system, we can design a FPI line specifically for you. Porosity Solutions is a Division of Townsend Engineering Company who, over the past 20 years, has designed and manufactured custom equipment and automation for the Automotive, Foundry, and Climate Control industries. Whether you require our stock liquid penetrant inspection line or a custom manual or automated FPI line, Porosity Solutions is YOUR solution to fluorescent penetrant inspection.


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