Aluminum Casting Courses and Foundry Training

Aluminum Casting Courses and Foundry Training

If you produce or purchase aluminum castings, our 2-Day Aluminum Casting courses can benefit your personnel and your bottom line. Our instructors are what make our courses stand out. Whether a Foundry Engineer, Foundry metallurgist, or a Foundry Operations Manager, all of our instructors have retired from successful careers in the industry and wish to pass their knowledge on to you and your group. To ensure participants leave with a lasting understanding of the key processes and terminology, we integrate classroom work with hands-on learning. Classes are held at The Foundry Way Learning Center in Milford, Ohio. Check out the links below for more details.

In addition to our 2-Day courses held at The Foundry Way Learning Center, we offer on-site courses and training. We can provide the same courses offered at the Foundry Way Leaning Center or tailor a course to your process.

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Aluminum Casting and Metallurgy – 2 Day Course

This two day course covers the aluminum casting process from material selection through casting, processing, controls, and inspection. Critical processes are covered in detail with hands-on casting, metallurgy, and inspection techniques employed to ensure participants leave with a lasting understanding.

(note: you will be re-directed to The Foundry Way for purchasing)

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Course rates: $1,200 per person.

Class limited to 8 participants. Reserve your spot now.

Lunch will be provided.

Class times are as follows:

  • Day 1 – 10:00AM – 5:00PM
  • Day 2 – 8:00AM – 3:00PM



Class Dates & Registration

Refund Policy

No refunds within 30 days of class date. If for some reason you cannot attend, we will give you options to attend the class at a future date.

(payment can be made by credit card only)



Wealth of knowledge from presenters.”  – Ken Sloan, HTCI

I liked the mix of book and lab exercises. Very informative class.” – Bocar Inc

Very good coverage. The fact that the presenters are ex-foundrymen makes this an excellent course”  – Ray Franks, HTCI

Heavy coverage of different defects and how to differentiate between them” – Epcor Foundry

Everyone in the Aluminum industry could benefit from this class” – Cushman Foundry.

I liked the hands on review of real defects. Great for basic knowledge and evaluation.” – Rio Tinto

“Great info, knowledge, and experience shared by the instructors. No questions went unanswered.” –  Morris Bean

On-Site Courses and Training

Whether one of our set courses, or something tailored for your group, we can perform training at your facility. Rates for this service are on a case by case basis. Contact us to discuss.


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Porosity Solutions will also offer mini-seminars and workshops throughout the year which will cover a wide range of foundry related issues. These workshops will allow you to bring your problems and issues to a group of fellow foundry people. Sharing ideas and problem solving solutions at an affordable price.


Some courses are held at The Foundry Way Learning Center in Milford, Ohio



Click here for a free book of Aluminum Foundry Handbook of Casting Defects!


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Click here for a Calendar of upcoming classes, seminars and events.


Check out our other services and foundry related testing equipment.

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