PAS3000 Porosity Analysis System

PAS3000 Porosity Analysis System for Quick Accurate Measurement of Reduced Pressure Test Samples


The PAS3000, porosity analysis system is our robust, automated, shop floor system for measuring specific gravity of Reduced Pressure Test (RPT) slugs. Using this porosity measurement system provides a more accurate, scientific way to control porosity in your melt by controlling aluminum degassing time. No need to saw and polish the reduced pressure test RPT sample, making this system safer, cheaper, and more accurate! Just weigh the sample per our procedure and you’ll have your results in less than one minute. The PAS3000 porosity measurement system is fully enclosed to allow for shop floor use. It automatically records and stores the specific gravity measurements for export to your network or computer system using the Ethernet port. Using the PAS3000, porosity measurement system, you will be able to assign a “Target” number to your reduced pressure test RPT slugs to ensure the hydrogen porosity level of your melt is at the correct level for producing your castings. No more depending on operator judgement for evaluation of your reduced pressure test RPT sample. Your operators will be able to ensure the degassing time is sufficient by comparing the PAS3000 specific gravity measurement number to a target number set for a given part number, process or alloy. Foundries who have implemented our porosity measurement system on the floor for process control have seen immediate improvement in the hydrogen porosity levels in their melt.






  • Automatic calculation of results
  • Touch screen interface to guide the operator
  • Automatic data storage
  • Ethernet port to transfer data to network or computer
  • 3000g precision Ohaus scale
  • Fully enclosed for shop floor operation
  • Wide, easy access water pan and SS tray for ease of use
  • Full 12 month warranty



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